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Legal Custody Law:

Legal custody refers to a type of child custody that can be granted to a parent or legal guardian. After a divorce or legal separation, parents of a child can work out custody arrangements on their own or can have a court determine child custody resolutions for them (in cases of disputes or disagreements.) A court can issue physical custody and/or legal custody, as well as sole custody or joint custody.

Legal custody means that the awarded parent has the right and obligation to make all legal decisions pertaining to the child. This means that that parent can legally decide upon education, religion, medical care, and other decisions about the life of that child. Legal custody can be given to both parents (joint legal custody) or to only one parent (sole legal custody). A legal custody ruling can also be different from a physical custody ruling, meaning that while one parent might have the child physically living in their custody, both parents might be granted the right to make legal decisions for that child.

Legal Consequences of Legal Custody:

Any custody battles can be exhausting, unfair, and possibly result in life-changing decisions. It can be a strain on both parents and certainly on the child stuck in the middle. If joint legal custody is granted and a decision about some aspect of the child's life comes up where both parents do not agree, the court may become involved again to enforce the joint legal custody agreement. In some instances, the other spouse may not be able to make responsible or appropriate decisions pertaining to the child and thus sole custody would be better for the child. However it may be harder to get sole custody granted, as courts now prefer to grant joint custody.

What a Family Law Lawyer can do for you:

Legal custody matters can be complicated and lengthy, especially when both parents/guardians do not agree. An experienced family law lawyer can help you settle custody disputes over legal custody of your child. A family lawyer can hear and understand your case and your wishes, and will ensure the best possible outcome arises for the benefit of your child and your family. If you are fighting for legal custody or against a court's ruling about legal custody, a family law lawyer will defend your rights and protect the best interests of your child by helping to settle the case fairly, quickly, and easily.

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