California State Bar Certified

Bar Association Approved

Attorney Search Network is certified by the State Bar of California (Certification #113). As a State Bar of California Certified lawyer referral service, Attorney Search Network also meets American Bar standards by referring potential clients to experienced lawyers, following American and California Bar standards that protect clients.

Attorney Search Network meets all American Bar Association Standards for Lawyer Referral Services.

The State Bar of California cannot provide legal advice to clients or refer them to a lawyer. A State Bar Certified lawyer referral service can connect clients to a lawyer for a consultation or retainer so that they can resolve their case. Legal analysts can also advise clients on alternatives if a problem can be solved without professional assistance.

Through a Certified lawyer referral service, clients who have issues in certain areas of law such as personal injury law, labor/employment law, criminal law and family law, among others, can be referred to an experienced lawyer. Under Certification rules, legal help is offered at free and/or low costs, as well as bilingual lawyers.

As a State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service, Attorney Search Network qualifies attorneys before including them in membership panels.

State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Services consist of Attorneys who:

  • Are in good standing with the California State Bar
  • Have been a practising California lawyer for five or more years
  • Have experience in the various areas of law
  • Carry professional liability insurance
  • Are continuously screened for experience

All Attorney panel members are pre-screened by Attorney Search Network. Contact Attorney Search Network for a lawyer referral in your area.

If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact us. Call Attorney Search Network toll free at (800) 215-1190 or fill out our online form for a lawyer referral.

If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.