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Copyright Litigation Law Lawyer

A copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects original fixed works of authorship such as musical works, literary works, sound recordings, motion pictures, pictorial, graphic and architectural works, etc. Having a copyright allows the author full use and control of his or her works of authorship, and prevents anyone else from using or making money off of such works.

Copyright litigation can be a common occurrence when dealing with copyrights. Copyright law is complex and tedious, as are the applications for filing copyright registrations. Some examples of copyright litigation may include:

  • Incorrect application for registration or inaccurate information on applications
  • Copyright infringement
  • Disputes about fair use and common law
  • Disputes about the term of a copyright

Copyright Litigation Legal Issues:

"Common law" copyrights go into effect as soon as an original "fixed" work is created. However, the author cannot begin any copyright litigations without officially registering the copyright with the federal government. When filing for registration, it is possible to get confused by the various copyright laws and applications. A search must first be done to ensure there are no other conflicting copyrights in place for the work in question. If there are, litigations might arise. In addition, copyrights have a limited term (usually the life of the author plus 70 years) and there are different laws and terms pertaining to copyrights for "works for hire." If any dispute arises or any rights of the copyright owner are infringed upon, copyright litigation may be necessary.

What an Intellectual Property Law Lawyer can do for you:

Copyright laws are extensive and copyright litigations are not uncommon. An experienced intellectual property lawyer understands the laws and circumstances regarding all copyrights and can help you through your copyright litigation. Whether you need help getting an application approved, disputing another copyright, or battling infringement on your copyright, an attorney will fight for your rights and ensure you are protected. They will walk you through all steps of copyright litigations and will represent you in court dealings. A copyright litigation lawyer may be able to help you recover both real and statutory damages.

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