Copyright Infringement Law

Copyright Infringement Law Lawyer

Copyright Infringement Law

Copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of material protected under copyright law. Copyright infringement violates the copyright owner's exclusive rights to the material such as the right to perform or reproduce the material. Copyright infringement of electronic media is often referred to as piracy.

Copyright Legal Issues:

Copyright law alone does not prevent copyright infringement. If there is a violation, the owner of the copyright may be entitled to damages, penalties and reimbursements. Copyright infringement may be an emotional issue and hurt an author. If a copyright owner's work is duplicated without authorization, it can have devastating effects. A copyright owner may be able to get back punitive damages and the profits an infringer has accrued.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

Copyright laws protect original material or works. A copyright infringement lawyer can help a copyright owner protect themselves against copyright infringement. A lawyer can get websites pulled down, blacklist competitors from advertising and draft "cease and desist". A copyright infringement lawyer can draft and serve letter, locate expert witnesses, and assist copyright owners throughout the entire process of copyright infringement.

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