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There is a shortage of nurses in many parts of the U.S, which is why the nurse visa (H-1C visa) is so important. Nurse visas are for foreign registered nurses who seek the opportunity to work in the U.S. These applicants may be sponsored by hospitals that are approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Nurse Visas Legal Issues:

The nurse visa was dedicated to registered nurses, but only applied to those hospitals that were approved by the USCIS and the Department of Labor. Since there were less than 15 hospitals who currently received this approval in the U.S, nurse visas were difficult to obtain. Typically, 500 Nursing Visas were available.

The H-1C Nurse Visa program was authorized by Congress through the Nursing Relief for Disadvantage Area Act of 1999. However, the H-1C Nursing Visa classification expired in June 2005. There is currently no specific Nursing Visa program. However there are two other options for foreign nurses to work in the US.

H-1B Work Visa for Skilled Workers. In order to qualify for an H-1B Skilled Worker Visa a foreign Nurse must qualify for a specialty occupation. Certain specialized nursing occupations are likely to require degrees or minimum requirements for entry into that specialized field.

TN NAFTA Work Visa. TN NAFTA Visas are only available to Canadian and Mexican citizens. Registered nurses are on the list of approved NAFTA professions.

What an Immigration Lawyer can do for you:

Immigration lawyers can assist nurses from around the world such as India, England, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Canada. Immigration lawyers have the knowledge it takes to successfully build a case for you. By helping you gather all pertinent information and documents, a lawyer can help you secure an Nurse Visa and employment at hospitals, nursing homes and health care organizations in the U.S.

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If you are trying to obtain a nurse visa by applying or if you have been denied a nurse visa, Attorney Search Network can help. We can help you find an immigration lawyer that handles nurse visa cases.

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