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I-1 Visa

I-1 visas are for representatives of foreign media (news reporters, film crew, radio personnel, press, etc) that need to enter the United States to film or produce news, documentaries, or other information-based media. Representatives of foreign media outlets may qualify for an I-1 visa if they need to conduct related business in the US and can prove that they are essential to the activities of their organization. The US embassy has the final decision on whether or not an activity legitimately qualifies for an I-1 visa. I-1 Visas are commonly referred to as "Foreign Media Visas."

I-1 visa holders are also allowed to bring their spouses or children into the United States under certain circumstances provided they also apply for a visa and do not intend to work while in the US.

What an Immigration Lawyer can do for you:

Members or representatives of foreign media outlets may not enter the US under a visitor's visa if they intend to engage in media-related work or activities. If a person attempts to enter the US without the correct visa, he or she may be denied entry and deported back to his or her home country.

There are extensive forms to fill out and much needed documentation to collect in order to prove one is employed with a foreign media entity and that he or she is needed in the US for work purposes. This work also must meet informational and newsworthy qualifications and cannot be related to advertising, entertainment, or other non-essential media outlets.

Experienced immigration attorneys can properly evaluation one's situation and assist in all paperwork and documentation needed to successfully apply for an I-1 visa. There are also restrictions on one's length of stay in the US and key forms to fill out if the length of stay needs to be extended or changed. An Immigration Lawyer well versed in I-1 visa can explain these regulations to you and assist you should you need to complete these forms.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.