Spousal Abuse Law

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Spousal Abuse Law

Spousal abuse is a form of domestic violence. It constitutes one spouse or partner physically, emotionally, psychologically or verbally abusing the other in any form. Any form of abuse or threat between spouses, no matter when or where it occurs, can be considered spousal abuse. Even if there is no physical evidence, the accusation of abuse is taken very seriously and the accused can be charged with domestic violence.

Legal Consequences of Spousal Abuse:

Being the victim of spousal abuse can be a damaging and life-threatening situation. Not reporting it right away can bring about great danger. If the abuse is emotional or psychological it can be hard to accept the reality of the situation and might go unnoticed even by the victim.

Spousal abuse, or domestic violence, is a highly punishable offense and the accused can face a felony charge, a prison sentence, restraining order and other severe penalties. Letting an abuser go unpunished can lead him or her to abuse others in the future, causing even more harm.

What a Family Law Lawyer can do for you:

Suffering spousal abuse can be extremely difficult to go through and you do not have to do it alone. An experienced attorney can help you out of this terrible situation and bring the abuser to justice. With the help of a family lawyer, you may get a protective order, a divorce or legal separation, restitution owed to you for damages, justice, and ultimately safety and peace of mind. A family lawyer will work with the local authorities to help protect you, get you the care you need, and will fight to ensure the abuser is properly punished and can hurt you no longer.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If your life is being jeopardized because of spousal abuse, contact Attorney Search Network to find a family lawyer who can help you. We can help you find a family lawyer in your area that has no tolerance for spousal abuse.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.