Employee Law

Employee Law

Employee Law Issues

Employee law protects the rights of employees in the workplace and may cover a broad range of issues and topics. Employee law sets labor standards and requirements that must be followed in the workplace. There are detailed laws, both federal and local, that govern employee rights pertaining to:

  • Hiring (including drug tests, background checks, employment contracts)
  • Discrimination or Harassment (sexual harassment, age or gender discrimination, etc)
  • Fair pay, minimum wages, hours worked and time off
  • Ending a job (being fired or laid off, wrongful termination, unemployment benefits, etc)
  • Employee's right to privacy
  • Labor unions and all union laws
  • Health and safety (including workers' compensation)

Employee Law Legal Issues:

It is important to understand the many laws under employee law in order to be properly protected. If an employee is unfamiliar with the laws that govern them, they may be more easily susceptible to their employer abusing or neglecting these laws. Any issue that relates to an employee's rights or to company policies falls under the umbrella of employee law.

What an Employment Lawyer can do for you:

Experienced labor law attorneys can help explain employee law and help you through any issues you may have at work, such as wrongful termination, discrimination, unfair pay, disability issues, etc. An employment law lawyer will represent you in these cases and stand up for your rights in the court of law. In addition, an employee law attorney may be able to provide assistance to those that need human resource training, mediation, or clarification of a particular issue or employee law in question.

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