Gender Sex Discrimination Law

Gender Sex Discrimination Employment Law

Gender Sex Discrimination Law:

The law prohibits an employer to use gender discrimination or sex discrimination when dealing with employees. It is illegal to discriminate against an employee or applicant because of his or her gender. This is true regarding hiring, termination, promotion, compensation, or job training. Gender discrimination or sex discrimination could not come in the way of any term, condition, or privilege of employment. Employment decisions could not be based on stereotypes.

Gender/Sex Discrimination Legal Issues:

Gender discrimination and sex discrimination can affect many employees, whether they are women or men. Employers who allow sex discrimination to occur can be in violation of California State Law. Some examples or how gender discrimination could occur are:

  • Failure to hire someone because "this is a man's job" or this is a "woman's job"
  • Promoting a gender over the other even if they are equally qualified
  • Failure to hire a woman because of pregnancy or concerns over child rearing
  • Keeping male employees over women during a layoff because of the idea that men need their jobs to support families
  • Paying health insurance benefits for female spouses and children, but not for male spouses

What an Employment Lawyer can do for you:

If your rights as an employee have been violated by an employer during your employment or during your application for employment, and you feel you are the victim of sex discrimination a qualified sex discrimination lawyer can help. A sex discrimination lawyer can fight an employer that has cost an employer suffering. A sex discrimination lawyer can determine if you have a valid case against an employer.

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