State Workers' Compensation Law

State Workers' Compensation Legal Issues:

State Workers' Compensation Law:

Whether an employee gets sick or injured at work, under state workers' compensation, the law requires your employer to pay for your benefits. Hurting your back during a fall at work, getting burned by chemicals or even if you get hurt in a car accident while handling the work deliveries, state workers' compensation is responsible for providing sufficient compensation for your injuries.

State Workers' Compensation Legal Issues:

Under state workers' compensation, basic benefits include:

  • Medical care for your recovery from a work related injury
  • Disability benefits (temporary or permanent)
  • Job displacement benefits to help pay the upkeep of your skill
  • Vocational rehabilitation (counseling or retraining)
  • Death benefits to your spouse, children or other dependents in case you die from a work related injury

What a Workers' Compensation Lawyer can do for you:

When you are injured at work, you might suffer long term or short term disabilities that can keep you from working. It is not a surprise that you might be looking for full recovery by being compensated by the State Workers' Compensation. However you get injured, seeking the advice of an attorney would be help you get the necessary compensation you need, including medical bills and lost wages compensation.

If you become injured or ill due to a work related accident or situation, you are entitled to California state workers' compensation benefits. An experienced workers' compensation attorney can best help you understand these benefits and how they relate to your work-related injury or illness. If you suffer from a long-term or short-term occupational disability and have to miss work, an attorney will help ensure you receive proper compensation quickly. A California state workers' compensation lawyer can help you get your medical expenses covered and your wages reimbursed so that you can focus on a full recovery.

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