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Many construction workers work in job sites where they are confronted with a variety of dangers that can result in Job Site Accidents. Workers injured in Job Site Accidents can file a Workers Compensation Claim if the injury occured while on the job. If the job site accident was caused by a defective machine or outside party a Thrid Party Injury Cliam can be filed. When injuries arise due to employer neglect or misconduct, or from the negligence of others, workers can encounter lost wages, disability, and unemployment. Contacting a lawyer after your job site accident is imperative so that you can begin your compensation claim.

Protecting workers in Job Sites

Job site accidents often occur from negligent employers/ employees, and unsafe working conditions. When defective machinery is the cause of your injury, an attorney can also help you recover by filing a products liability claim. An attorney can investigate to determine how the defective machinery caused your job site accident. Their investigations can determine if the defect in machinery was a manufacturing or design defect. Workers can be injured at job site locations or off site premises. Off site injuries can be caused from unknown hazards, negligent supervisors or employees.

An experienced Job Site Accident Lawyer can have experts in a variety of fields obtain evidence, such as procedural manuals, company records, contracts, and inspections records. They can interview witnesses to discover neglect of an employee, supervisor, manager, and manufacturers whose defective product caused your injury.

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Attorneys have experience representing clients in a variety of job site accidents, such as:

  • OSHA Violations
  • Inadequate or negligent supervision
  • Inadequate warning
  • Dangerous conditions of property
  • Defective machinery
  • Fires an explosions
  • Defective guarding

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.