Wills & Estate Planning

Wills & Estate Planning

What is Wills & Estate Planning Law?

It is important to know what will happen to your assets and belongings after your death. Your assets, properties, entitlements, and total net worth make up what is called your "estate." A will is a legal document that explains what you wish to happen with your estate once you pass. It may dictate which of your beneficiaries receive certain assets and properties, what is to be invested, who receives the rights to your entitlements, and what you wish to have happen in regards to all parts of your estate. It can even assign guardianship for your children. A trust is a similar document that is managed over the course of your lifetime and that allows your assets to avoid probate after you pass. Wills and estate planning is essential if you wish to have all of these affairs in order before your death.

Under wills and estate planning law, you may choose a trusted person to manage your trust or execute your will. This person will be responsible for the distribution of your assets and the full administration of your will or trust. Wills and estate planning also can help you draft and document a will or trust legally and clearly, so that your estate is protected when you die and you do not have to worry about any disputes or contests.

Without a wills or estate plan, your assets and estate may fall into the state's hand. This mean that a court will appoint a professional to handle all of your belongings, including your house, land, cars, furniture, bank accounts, insurance benefits, investments, jewelry, artwork, and any other assets you may have accumulated over your lifetime. If you die without a will or trust, which is known as "intestate," the court will decide all matters of distribution of your assets for you. This may cause costly and stressful arguments and disputes between your beneficiaries and loved ones.

Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers

Even if you own few assets, it is worth going through the process of wills and estate planning so that you can dictate exactly how you would like your assets and estate to be dealt with after you die. Writing a will or creating a trust can be complicated, thus it is wise to seek the counsel of a wills and estate planning lawyer for help. A wills and estate planning lawyer can help you draft a will, create and manage a trust, oversee your trustee or executor, change a will, oversee probate, and help solve any disputes or will contests. Consulting a wills and estate planning lawyer while you are still living and of sound mind can be extremely beneficial so that you can be assured your beneficiaries are taken care of, and your estate is handled exactly as you wish.

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If you have any questions about wills and estate planning, and/or if you are ready to take the next step in planning for the proper distribution and management of your estate, contact a wills and estate planning lawyer. Attorney Search Network will provide you with a referral to an experienced lawyer in your area that will take care of all of your wills and estate planning needs.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.