Inheritance Dispute Law

Inheritance Dispute Legal Issues

Inheritance Dispute Law:

The loss of a loved one can unfortunately become more stressful if an Inheritance Dispute arises.

As a first step in resolving inheritance disputes consult the Will. The will is a legal document that represents the intent and wishes of the deceased to addresses important matters such as property, inheritance money and personal belongings.

If the estate is large and complex; consider hiring a Trust Administration Lawyer to execute the will.

If the will cannot resolve the Inheritance Dispute, options like Mediation, Arbitration, and Trust Litigation are available. In mediation all parties meet together and discuss inheritance disagreement. The mediator attempts to find an agreeable compromise. In arbitration each party separately presents its position to an impartial arbitrator who has been pre-authorized to evaluate the inheritance issues and make a determination.

Litigation involves the probate court system and is usually a last resort. Issues that typically lead to Litigation include:

If your inheritance dispute requires litigation retaining a lawyer is advisable.

Inheritance Disputes Legal Issues:

Disputing an Inheritance is a very emotion process. In addition to a family member passing away, there are legal processes that must be followed and time limitations. Filling a will dispute incorrectly can result in a rejection by the court.

In some cases if part of the will can be successfully disputed while other portions remain in unchanged.

In some cases “no-contest clauses” are added to wills. A No-Content Clausea is a legal device that will cause the contesting beneficiary to forfeit their gift.

What a Inheritance Dispute Lawyer can do for you:

If parties are disinherited for reasons of Undue Influence, Mental Competency, Duress or Coercion a lawyer can work to rectify the situation. A Will Contest, if pursued in the proper time frame, with proper supporting evidence and with a lawyer familiar with the process, can restore the testator’s true and un-manipulated inheritance desires.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.