Holographic Will Law

Holographic Will Legal Issues

Holographic Will Law:

A holographic will is a handwritten will and testament. Typically, it is required that wills be signed and witnessed in order for it to be valid. Holographic wills, that are not witnessed, need to meet certain requirements to be probated, such as:

  • The will is completely handwritten
  • Proof that the testator actually wrote the will, with the use of witnesses or handwriting experts
  • Evidence that the testator expressed a wish to distribute his estate to beneficiaries
  • Not written by influence, fraud, mistake or duress
  • Testator's signature or name present

Holographic wills are usually created in emergency situations. Some famous examples of holographic wills are:

  • "All to wife" written on a bedroom wall
  • A carved will on a wooden plank of a rocking chair
  • A carved will on the fender of a tractor

Holographic Wills Legal Issues:

There may be some consequences to holographic wills. If they aren't signed the right way, or if intentions are not clearly stated by the testator, it might not be regarded as a valid testament. Holographic wills often result in legal battles to determine validity. Since holographic wills are recognized only in certain circumstances, it is advised to consult a wills and estate lawyer and prepare a will with a witness expert.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

In case a holographic will has been misinterpreted, considered invalid or challenged, a wills and estate planning lawyer can help. A lawyer can represent clients by consulting psychologists and witnesses to determine if the will was manipulated and work with forensic accountants to determine the actual value of the estate. A wills and estate planning lawyer can also help make sure your will is constructed correctly and cannot be misinterpreted by helping you create a will, update a will or contest a will.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you believe that you may be improperly deprived of a rightful inheritance that was written as a holographic will, or if the holographic will is being contested, contact Attorney Search Network to be connected to a wills and estate planning lawyer in your area today.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.