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What is Heir-Finder Law?

An heir-finder is a person that is hired to help locate abandoned or unclaimed property or assets for the rightful owner. They are also known as "asset locators" or "heir-searchers." Probate issues are typically complex and it may be unclear to determine rightful ownership of the property or assets in question. An heir-finder can be useful in locating lost property/assets for owners or advising them on how to obtain it. In addition, if a state has unclaimed property or assets, they may hire an heir-finder to locate the rightful owner.

Heir-finders charge fees for their services, and while most are lawful and operate legally, some do not. Unfortunately, it is common for heir-finders to commit fraud. There are consumer protection agencies to help owners or companies avoid being trapped in a fraud. Legitimate heir-finders will not ask for their fee until after the property or assets has been found and returned to the owner. They then are not allowed to charge more than 5% of the value of the property/assets. If an heir-finder asks for money up front or charges a higher percentage, the consumer may be subject to fraud.

Heir-Finder Lawyers

Most heir-finders will require you to sign a contract if you hire them for their services. It is thus wise to seek the counsel of an attorney to ensure your rights are protected. A wills and estate planning lawyer can help make sure you do not fall victim to fraud by an heir-finder. A lawyer can also help you navigate or avoid any legal complications that may arise due to hiring an heir-finder to help locate your property or assets.

Lawyer Referral Service

If you considering using an heir-finder, an attorney can help ensure you hire a legal individual or company so that you do not fall victim to fraud. If you hire a fraudulent heir-finder, you may be in danger of losing your assets or property. An attorney can help protect your rights and make sure this does not happen to you.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.