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Texting Ticket Legal Issues

Texting Traffic Ticket Law:

Texting on cell phones has become a major epidemic on today's roadways. Texting is extremely dangerous as it distracts a driver visually, manually, and cognitively all at once. Texting is a main cause of distracted driving accidents and if caught, can result in large fines.

It is illegal in California to type a text, send a text, or read a text at anytime when a driver is behind the wheel. A texting ticket can not only be given for sending text messages, but may also be given for writing or reading an email, looking at your cell phone's map, searching for music on your cell phone, or other similar actions. Drivers do not realize a texting ticket can be cited for more than simply texting.

Texting Traffic Ticket Legal Issues:

Currently, in California, a texting ticket results in a base fine of $20 for the first offense. Each subsequent offense will result in an additional $50 fine. Texting tickets can add up quickly and will show up on your driving record (though they do not equal "points"). Simply looking down at your cell phone may result in a texting ticket, as enforcement is continually getting stricter about these laws.

What a Traffic Ticket Lawyer can do for you:

A traffic lawyer may be able to get your texting ticket reduced or eliminated all together. There are many special circumstances that may lead to unfairly getting a texting ticket and a traffic ticket lawyer can knowledgeably examine your situation. Attorneys are well versed in texting ticket cases and will defend you and your rights should you request assistance.

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