Red Light Accidents Law

Red Light Accidents Legal Issues

Red Light Accidents:

When another driver disregards a red light and causes an accident, the damages can be severe. Red light auto accident injuries include head, brain, joint, bone, and muscle injuries, as well as whiplash. The damage to your vehicle from a red light accident can be substantial due to the angle of impact.

Injuries that result from red light accidents can include head or brain injuries, broken bones, muscle damage, whiplash or death. Failing to obey a traffic signal is an extremely dangerous move to make, with life-changing consequences.

Red Light Auto Accident Legal Issues:

20% of the causes of fatal car crashes are by drivers who fail to obey red light laws. In 2005, for example, more than 800 people were killed by other drivers who ran a red light and an estimated 165,000 people were injured. Pedestrians also get affected by red light violations. Half of the deaths are pedestrians and occupants in other road vehicles who are struck by red light runners.

General characteristics of red light violators are:

  • They are usually young, have no children (If parent, has children less than 20 years old)
  • They are driving alone, in a rush to work or school (Usually morning hours)
  • They are employed in less educated jobs (blue collar) or are unemployed
  • They are not frustrated, they are in a rush
  • They are likely to be male, with prior traffic violations.

Year after year, stop sign violations account for numerous fatal crashes. Each year, approximately 200 fatal crashes and 17,000 injuries occur because a person failed to make a proper stop. Children may also be at risk if there is a violation.

What an Injury Lawyer can do for you:

In the case of red light auto accidents, a traffic lawyer can help prove liability by showing evidence, police reports and speaking to witnesses. They can ensure proper medical care for your injuries and proper repairs or replacement of your vehicle. Red Light Auto accident lawyers understand the law and can help you document your injuries so you can get the compensation you ought to have.

Red light auto accident lawyers work hard to help victims of red light accidents and their families. A traffic law lawyer can help prove liability by finding evidence, reviewing police reports and speaking to witnesses. A lawyer can represent you in court so that you are rightfully compensated for any losses suffered during a red light accident. An experienced lawyer can help ensure you receive proper medical care and repairs for your vehicle or damaged property. If you have lost a family member to a red light accident, a traffic law attorney will help you seek justice.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you need an red light auto accident lawyer to help you get appropriate compensation and medical care, contact an red light auto accident lawyer today. A professional lawyer can help you overcome your auto accident injury.

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