U-Turn Traffic Violation Law

U-Turn Traffic Violation Legal Issues

Improper U-Turn Traffic Violation Law:

There are certain times and locations in which it is illegal to make a U-turn on the roadways or freeways of California, thus resulting in what is called an improper U-turn. A U-turn is when a vehicle makes a 180-degree turn in order to proceed in the opposite direction as originally headed. It would be considered an improper U-turn under the following circumstances:

  • Upon approaching a curve in the roadway
  • Upon approaching a hill
  • On a freeway where the view may be obstructed, preventing the driver to see 500 feet in either direction
  • Anywhere where a "No U-Turn" sign is posted

It may also be considered an improper U-turn if the driver does not yield to oncoming traffic. Cutting off a vehicle heading in the direction the driver wishes to turn is not allowed and can cause major accidents in addition to an improper U-turn ticket.

U-Turn Traffic Violation Legal Issues:

If a driver is cited for an improper U-turn, (s)he will be fined up to $300 USD and the citation will count as a point against the driver's record. In addition to traffic tickets and large fines, making an improper U-turn is incredibly dangerous and can lead to severe traffic accidents.

What a Traffic Lawyer can do for you:

A skilled traffic lawyer knows the ins and outs of improper U-turn laws and can help you if you have been given a ticket. A traffic lawyer may be able to get the citation dropped or get your fines reduced and the point kept off of your driving record. If you are facing an improper U-turn violation, a traffci attorney can help defend your rights and reduce your penalties.

Lawyer Referral Service:

Defending yourself in court can be a complicated process. A traffic lawyer can help get your improper U-turn ticket reduced or even dismissed. Attorney Search Network can help you find traffic lawyers that work towards resolving your problems.

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