Commercial Drivers Log Weight Violation Law

Commercial Drivers Log Weight Violation Legal Issues

Commercial Drivers Weight Violation Law:

Commercial drivers are held to stricter driving rules and regulations than non-commercial drivers are. The nature of their job - long hours on the road, driving great distances, carrying heavy freight, and the magnitude of the truck sizes - makes them a far greater risk on the roads. Any traffic violation carries greater points and penalties for commercial drivers. In addition, commercial drivers have to worry about weight violations, as they have certain weight standards that must be strictly followed. If a commercial vehicle or truck is found to be overweight, or if the driver skips a weight station, the driver could face serious penalties due to their weight violation.

Commercial Drivers Weight Violation Legal Issues:

Commercial drivers that transport freight need to follow the weight regulations set forth by the DMV. Throughout one's drive, the commercial driver may come across various weight stations to ensure that they are following the weight regulations. If a driver is caught with an overweight load, unbalanced load, or if they skip the weight check entirely, they will be cited with a violation that could result in high fines, points on one's driving record, loss or suspension of commercial driver's license, or even loss of job. Depending on the type of commercial driver weight violation, the number of violations and the degree of the particular weight violation, fines could range anywhere between $20 and $5000.

What a Traffic Lawyer can do for you:

If you have a commercial drivers license and are facing a weight violation, an experienced traffic law lawyer can help you fight your citation. A traffic law attorney will help you to understand your options so that you can avoid penalties, points on your record, and/or losing your job. A traffic law lawyer can help save your commercial drivers license and keep your commercial driving reputation intact. Skilled attorneys understand the consequences of commercial drivers weight violations. They will work hard to defend you and ensure you the best outcome possible.

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