Commercial Drivers Speeding Ticket Law

Commercial Drivers Speeding Ticket Legal Issues

Commercial Drivers Speeding Ticket Law:

Commercial vehicle drivers with a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) face stricter traffic laws and higher penalties for traffic violations than regular C-class drivers do. If a commercial driver is pulled over a speeding ticket, they can face significant consequences, especially if they are caught speeding more than once. There is a national database that specifically tracks all commercial drivers' traffic tickets in order to better understand and prevent future CDL traffic violations.

Commercial Drivers Speeding Tickets Legal Issues:

Any traffic violation for a commercial driver carries one and a half times the point counts than normal C-class drivers. Because of the seriousness of commercial driving safety, all commercial drivers must report any traffic violation within 30 days to their employer - even if they receive the violation while driving their own car. For commercial drivers speeding tickets, if the driver is ticketed for going 15 mph or more over the speeding limit, it will count as a reckless driving violation, resulting in a loss of driving privileges for at least 60 days on the second offence and 120 days on a third offense. Any speeding ticket given to a commercial driver will result in higher fines, points on the driver's record, increased insurance rates, and could even result in the loss of their job.

What a Traffic Lawyer can do for you:

Traffic law attorneys know how to protect commercial drivers from the serious consequences that can occur from speeding tickets. A traffic law attorney can help defend you by fighting your speeding ticket so that it stays off your record and will not amount to you loosing your job or commercial drivers license. Traffic law attorneys can help you fight your speeding ticket in court or even with a written Trial By Declaration so that you do not have to miss any work due to a trial. You may be able to get the commercial drivers speeding ticket completely dismissed or have your fines and penalties drastically reduced.

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