Causing an Accident Law

Causing an Accident Legal Issues

Causing a Traffic Accident:

A car accident is an occurrence in which an automobile collides with something else on the road, such as another vehicle, a stationary object or a person. Causing an accident means being responsible for crashing into one of these objects or sometimes striking a human or animal. Car accidents cause thousands of deaths and injuries every year. There are a number of reasons how a driver could cause an accident:

  • Errors on the road, such as failing to yield and giving the right of way, following another vehicle too closely, speeding, etc
  • Distractions such as reading, talking on the cell phone, inserting CDs, or attempting to quiet an upset child
  • Being impaired by alcohol consumption or drug use
  • Bad weather conditions such as slippery roads or flash flooding
  • Road debris or poor road maintenance
  • Tire damage or mechanical failure

A traffic accident occurs when a driver collides with or crashes into another vehicle, object or person. The driver that is found at fault for the accident is the driver that caused the accident. Causing an accident can lead to severe personal injury, property damage, or death. Thousands of deaths and injuries are caused by car accidents each year. Reasons a driver may cause an accident include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle mechanical failures
  • Drug or alcohol impairment
  • Driving while distracted
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Road debris, construction or poor road conditions
  • Poor weather conditions and/or visibility
  • Traffic errors or offenses such as speeding, ignoring traffic signs, running red lights or stop signs, not yielding the right of way, etc.

Causing an accident may lead to severe penalties and consequences. If a driver causes an accident, whether with another vehicle, person, or property, he or she is required by law to stop, exchange information with the other parties involved and contact the local law enforcement. If the driver fails to do so, it is considered a hit and run which is a criminal offense. Causing an accident can result in loss or suspension of license, high administrative fines, and even jail time.

Traffic Accident Lawyers

Traffic law attorneys can help you if you have caused an accident. Causing an accident can lead to civil or criminal liability, which will likely cause you great stress, inconvenience and expenses. Hiring an experienced lawyer can keep you from facing unnecessary liabilities and penalties. An attorney will work with your insurance company, the other parties involved, and the courts to protect and defend your rights.

Causing an Accident Legal Issues:

There are consequences to causing an accident. If you cause an accident, you are required by law to stop and exchange insurance and identification information and notify the law enforcement. Not doing so is considered a hit and run, which is a criminal offense. Drivers involved in a car accident may face civil or criminal liability, sometimes both. In some cases, administrative fines or license suspensions may be imposed.

What a Traffic Accident Lawyer can do for you:

Seeking advice from a qualified accident lawyer immediately following your incident will help you work with your insurance company for your expenses, protect your drivers license, protect you from civil liability and defend you against possible criminal charges.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you are unsure if you have grounds to make a claim from causing an accident or being involved in one, contact an accident lawyer to help you answer your questions.

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