Car Insurance Premium Rise Law

Car Insurance Premium Rise Legal Issues

Car Insurance Premium Rise Law:

A car insurance premium rise may come about if an insurance company finds out about a DUI conviction. If you have been with an insurance company for a long time and have good records, you might not recognize a car insurance premium rise.

The premium a driver pays for his or her car insurance can increase if he or she is in an accident, receives a traffic ticket, or is convicted of a DUI. Once the insurance company becomes aware of the offense, the driver is likely to experience a car insurance premium rise.

Even if the driver has been with their insurer for a long time, and/or if the driver has a flawless driving record, once he or she receives a traffic ticket, DUI, or is found at fault in a car accident, the premium paid for car insurance may rise. Insurance companies use car insurance premium rises to enforce penalties for traffic convictions and poor driving. The amount of the premium increase may vary. It could reach 100% or more, and the insurer may even decide to cancel the driver's insurance policy altogether.

Car Insurance Premium Rise Lawyers

Traffic law lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with insurance companies that try to enforce a car insurance premium rise. A DUI, car accident or other traffic conviction can lead to high fines, probation, loss of license, and even jail time. Traffic lawyers can help a driver avoid the unnecessary additional expense and stress of a car insurance premium rise. A lawyer will work with you and your insurance company to help you avoid a rise in your premium whenever possible.

Car Insurance Premium Rise Legal Issues:

Car insurance companies enforce penalties to drivers with traffic ticket or drunken driving convictions with a car insurance premium rise. An insurance company may cancel or decline to renew your policy or increase insurance premiums. The amount of increase could vary but most increase as much as 100% or more.

What a Traffic Lawyer can do for you:

A DUI lawyer can help you settle the issues with insurance companies such as a car insurance premium rise. A serious personal injury lawyer understands that a DUI charge can bring about fines and possible jail time and will work hard to get rid of an added expense brought upon you by an insurance company.

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