Disputing Zoning Changes Law

Disputing Zoning Changes Legal Issues:

Disputing Zoning Changes Law:

Zoning refers to certain limitations and restrictions regarding how land may be used in certain communities (or "zones"). These zoning laws are put in place by local governments and they can be changed at any time by those governments. A property owner may need to dispute zoning changes if the new zoning regulations hurt the owner's investment and/or if the new regulations make the land's current usage illegal. For example, the land may currently be being used for a business, and a zoning change would make the area residential-only, meaning the business would have to close.

It is possible for zoning changes to be disputed before or after they are approved. If a local government proposed to change a zoning code, they will have open hearings with the zoning board for the public to attend and voice their opinions. Affected property owners can attend these hearings and dispute the changes, voice their concerns, and make a case as to why they oppose the change. Disputing zoning changes could be more successful with a petition signed by other property owners and with the help of a lawyer.

Disputing Zoning Changes Legal Issues:

In order to dispute zoning changes, the property owner will have to make a strong case showing why the proposed changes would negatively impact them or their community. While property owners can have a powerful impact on opposing the proposed zoning changes, they will need to prepare evidence, images, charts, and documentation that proves their case. If the zoning board moves forward with the zoning change, despite opposition, property owners may still be able to dispute the zoning changes with the help of a lawyer. If the changes were made illegally or unlawfully, the property owner may be able to take legal action to reverse the change.

What a Real Estate Lawyer can do for you:

If your local government entity is proposing a change in your zoning code and you wish to dispute the change, contact a real estate attorney immediately. An experienced lawyer can help you put together a strong case when opposing the zoning board. Disputing zoning changes can be a long process and may not always be successful. A lawyer can assist you through this process and help you fight the zoning change either before or after it is put into place.

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If zoning changes will negatively impact your land or investment, contact Attorney Search Network today. We can help you find experienced lawyers in your area to help you with disputing zoning changes.

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