Changing Zoning Codes Law

Changing Zoning Codes Legal Issues:

Changing Zoning Codes Law:

Zoning codes are regulations on how land or property may be used, put in place by local governments. These zoning codes dictate how certain land may be used in a community, the height that buildings need to be, how many parking spaces must accompany certain properties, etc. Property owners may wish to try to change zoning codes, if the current codes hurt their investment or if they want to use their property for something that is not permitted under the current zoning codes.

Changing Zoning Codes Legal Issues:

Changing zoning codes can be a tedious process, but may be necessary for property owners to use their land as they wish. If someone wishes to purchase property for a use that is not permitted in that particular zone, or if they cannot use the property they own to its best advantage because of the current zoning regulations, changing zoning codes may be the answer.

To request a change of zoning codes, the property owner will have to go through many steps with their local government's zoning board. They will have to file a written request, pay a fee, meet with the zoning board in a hearing, present a strong case for the requested change, and possibly face challenges from their neighbors.

What a Real Estate Lawyer can do for you:

There are many ways that an attorney can help in changing zoning codes. They can review all of your options in making a case for request and attend hearings with you. You may wish to ask for an exception to the current zoning code for your property only (a variance or conditional-use permit), or request a non-conforming use permit if your property usage was legal before a zoning code change, or challenge a zoning ordinance in order to change it for the entire zone or community. Real estate lawyers are familiar and experienced with all of the methods used for changing zoning codes. They can assist you in choosing the best option that will make the strongest case for you. An attorney will stand by you throughout the entire process in order to help you with your changing zoning codes request.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.