Property Seller Disclosure Fraud Law

Property Seller Disclosure Fraud Legal Issues:

Property Seller Disclosure Fraud Law:

Buying a property can be one of the biggest milestones in a person's lifetime. The process can be stressful, especially for first time homebuyers that are new to the process. What buyers can be unaware of is that sellers have extensive state and local disclosure obligations, as do agents for both buyers and sellers. Most real estate agents use the California Association of Realtor purchase and sale agreements, which, if properly, carefully, and truthfully prepared, meet the majority of the seller's disclosure obligations - but not all. There is a significant amount of disclosures that must be made during a real estate transaction that can have expensive consequences for an uninformed seller. The most common disclosure mistake sellers make is under-disclosing problems. Just because a problem may have been fixed, does not mean you are not obligated to disclose it.

How can working with a Real Property Lawyer help

A Real Property lawyer that is experienced with seller disclosure fraud can guide their clients through the puzzle of disclosure laws, and has the experience to know if compliance has been met. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that a real estate buyer discovers a concealed problem months or years after occupying the house or building, which was not disclosed during the transaction. Whether the type of a nondisclosure is "actionable," and, if so, whether it is worth pursuing, is the first step any aggrieved party should take when contemplating a lawsuit against a seller.

For the seller's part, if he or she receives a demand letter from a buyer, that alleges nondisclosure, fraud, or concealment, consulting an experienced real estate lawyer should be the first subsequent step in protecting yourself.

A Real Property lawyer will review your documents, discuss the details with you and, in some situation, even visit the property in question before advising you of your rights, the estimated cost of pursuing those rights, and the potential outcome. A knowledgeable Real Property lawyer will help you decide a clear strategy for either pursuing or defending against such allegations.

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If you purchased real property and discovered the seller failed to disclose or concealed something about the property contact Attorney Search Network for a free lawyer referral. If you are the seller of a property and have been notified of a pending lawsuit regarding disclosure fraud, contact Attorney Search Network for a Real Property Lawyer referral with Lawsuit Defense experience. A Real Property lawyer can provide you a consultation about your rights and further steps to take.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.