Property Line Dispute Law

Property Line Dispute Legal Issues:

Property Line Dispute Law:

Property line disputes involve the question of ownership over an area of property, causing challenging problems between neighbors. Often times a homeowner or business owner will put up a fence around their property, and the neighbor may discover that it was not put up on the correct boundary line and thus infringes upon their property. Similarly, one property owner might begin additions to their home or building that extends beyond the real boundary line, protruding into the neighbor's property. These situations can cause property line disputes that are difficult and costly to solve.

Property Line Dispute Legal Issues:

It may not be easy solving property line disputes. If one property owner has already built a fence or addition, it could be extremely costly and difficult to have it then taken down. If that is not an option, that property owner may have to pay high amounts in restitution to the neighboring property owner.

Even if a fence, tree line or building/home addition crosses the legal boundary line and cuts into a neighbor's property, if it has been there for a long period of time and/or was there before the property owner moved in, it might not be a solvable situation. The disadvantaged property owner may lose the property line dispute even if the legal boundary line is crossed.

What a Real Property Lawyer can do for you:

In order to find the truth of a property line dispute, a real property lawyer can obtain a property survey on the land involved. This survey is what will show the legal property lines of the properties in question. With this information, a skilled attorney will work to settle an agreement between you and your neighbors. An "agreed boundary" can be created between neighbors, making both parties happy. If a property line dispute ensues, a lawyer will work to defend your property rights and defend you against any attacks on your property.

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If you are involved in a property line dispute with your neighbor, a real property lawyer can help. Attorney Search Network can help you find a real property lawyer that handles property line disputes and other real property matters.

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