Neighbor Building Permit Dispute Law

Neighbor Building Permit Dispute Legal Issues:

Neighbor Building Permit Dispute Law:

Disputes of all kinds can occur between neighbors and it is important to know when the law might be able to help. There are laws regarding fences between neighbors, property lines, cutting down shared trees, and other related topics. There are also laws pertaining to necessary permits required for building on one's property. When a neighbor wishes to build a fence, deck, swimming pool or addition to their home, they must get a building permit from their city or county. However, if this would cause any disadvantage to a neighbor, a neighbor building permit dispute might arise.

A neighbor can dispute another neighbor's building permit if the property addition being built cuts into (or encroaches upon) their property, lies too close to the legal property boundary line, causes damage to their property in some way, or obstructs their view. Neighbor building permit disputes can happen before the building begins, or after, resulting in complicated and costly battles.

Neighbor Building Permit Dispute Legal Issues:

A neighbor building any addition to their property without the proper permit may be violating the law and the construction may quickly come to a halt or complete cancellation if a neighbor building permit dispute arises. Likewise, if a neighbor pulls the required permit but the building somehow infringes on your property or your property rights, it might be more difficult to stop the construction or have the newly built piece of property taken down. Building permits can be complicated, difficult to get, and also difficult to dispute. These situations can cause costly damages or losses to either neighbor while resulting in unpleasant neighbor building permit disputes.

What a Real Property Lawyer can do for you:

If you are planning to build a fence, structure, addition or swimming pool on your property, it is wise to consult an attorney first about the necessary building permits you will need. Planning ahead can stop a neighbor building permit dispute before it arises.

Similarly, if a neighbor is starting any construction on his or her property that you fear might violate your own property rights, cause a disadvantage to your property value, and/or not abide by your city's permit laws, a real property attorney can help put a stop to the construction and protect your rights. A lawyer well versed in real property law can help settle neighbor building permit disputes before they escalate.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you are dealing with a neighbor building permit dispute, call Attorney Search Network today for a lawyer referral. A real property lawyer with experience in neighbor building permit disputes can help defend your rights and defend your property.

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