Mortgage Fraud Victim Law

Mortgage Fraud Victim Legal Issues:

Mortgage Fraud Victim:

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) defines mortgage fraud as "any material misstatement, misrepresentation or omission relied upon by an underwriter or lender to fund, purchase or insure a loan." Mortgage fraud describes a broad variety of criminal actions where information is misrepresented or omitted on a mortgage loan application, so that a larger loan amount is attained. In essence, when a personal lies on their real estate loan application, it is considered mortgage fraud.

Mortgage Fraud Victim Legal Issues:

The rise in the number of mortgage fraud has prompted the federal government to actively investigate and prosecute alleged mortgage fraud schemes that involve investors, brokers and buyers. If a real estate professional approaches you and asks you to be a part of a mortgage fraud scheme, report them to the FBI immediately. Remember that mortgage fraud is against the law. If you suspect that you might be involved in a mortgage fraud scheme, speak to a lawyer before moving forward.

What a Real Property Lawyer can do for you:

If you are convicted of mortgage fraud, the consequences are severe; therefore, it is critical to hire an experienced defense lawyer. You may be prosecuted on the actual loss that resulted from the mortgage fraud, along with the intended loss.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.