Groundwater Pollution Law

Groundwater Pollution Legal Issues:

Groundwater Pollution:

Groundwater pollution refers to the contamination of water under the surface of soil. In California, many toxins and chemicals get illegally dumped into the ground, which in turn contaminates the groundwater. This can affect any homeowners, landowners, and agriculturalists that have groundwater on their property. Carcinogens such as benzine, TCE, and ammonium perchlorate have been found in groundwater in the past, in addition to pesticides, septic waste and fertilizers. These have all been traced back to many California industrial facilities dumping them into the ground. Such groundwater pollution is dangerous for anyone using or drinking the contaminated water.

Legal Considerations of Groundwater Pollution:

Aside from creating major health problems, groundwater pollution can also decrease the value of one's property. It can result in major financial losses if the property owners try to sell their land after having a groundwater pollution problem. Litigation may be possible to help get some of these losses compensated. If someone gets sick from groundwater pollution, a lawsuit can be filed against the companies that illegally dump chemicals into the ground, allowing the victims to recover damages and medical expenses.

What an Environmental Lawyer can do for you:

It can be complicated to trace the origins of groundwater pollution for anyone unfamiliar with the environmental regulations of your area. An experienced attorney can help evaluate your case, prove the water is contaminated, and find the source. If you have reason to suspect that contaminated water has caused you an illness, health problem, or financial loss, an environmental lawyer can guide you through the process and help you protect your rights to receiving fair compensation.

Lawyer Referral Service:

It can be difficult to navigate groundwater pollution issues. If you have concerns that your groundwater is polluted or if you fear you have become ill due to groundwater pollution, contact Attorney Search Network for a free lawyer referral.

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