Real Estate Fraud Victim Law

Real Estate Fraud Victim Legal Issues:

Real Estate Fraud Victim Law:

Real estate fraud is any false statement made on a loan application, real estate document, real property presentation or other misleading information intended to defraud another party. Some victims of real estate fraud are eligible for legal protection and possible civil litigation remedies. Those committing real estate fraud can be criminal charged or be the target of lawsuits.

Real Estate Fraud Legal Issues:

Victims of real estate fraud can lose large investments, assume others debt unknowingly, be held liable for other parties fraud or receive higher payment amounts than presented. Real estate fraud can result in lost wealth, property foreclosure, bankruptcy and damaged credit ratings.

Some real estate fraud schemes are:

  • "Property flipping" where a buyer pays a low price for a property and then quickly resells it for a higher price
  • Two sets of settlement statements where one statement reflects the sale of the property and the second statement fraudulently shows a higher sale price.
  • Fraudulent qualifications where real estate agents help buyers fabricate their credit history or employment history.
  • Misrepresentation of terms or conditions of sale or lending agreement
  • Withholding important information to a sale, such as structural damage, permits or liens.

Victims of real estate fraud can end up losing their homes or come close to bankruptcy since they are unable to pay the high interest rates on their mortgages.

What a Real Property Lawyer can do for you:

Real estate fraud lawyers represent those people who were taken advantage of. Attorneys help victims of real estate fraud get back the financial damages they have suffered as a result of fraud. They help victims file a real estate fraud lawsuit and take care of the complications that come up while determining if fraud has occurred.

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If you fell victim to real estate fraud and have suffered monetary loss, Attorney Search Network can help you find a real estate fraud lawyer who will assist you in getting settlement.

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