Disclaimer Omissions Law

Disclaimer Omissions Legal Issues:

Disclaimer Omissions Law:

In California, the seller of a property must report all essential information about the property to a buyer before the contract of sale is signed. The standard California Association of Realtor purchase and sale agreement covers much of the required disclosure obligations, but it does not always cover them all. Dishonest sellers commonly omit information that might lower the value of a property. These disclaimer omissions are illegal and constitute as fraud, but unfortunately they do happen in the business of real estate.

Disclaimer Omissions Law Legal Issues:

A property buyer might not discover that essential information was withheld from them until after they move into the property, or sometimes months to years later. Common disclaimer omissions could be in reference to plumbing or electricity problems, property line disputes or building violations, a death or other disaster that occurred on the property in its history, water damage, bankruptcy issues, or other undisclosed defects and flaws. Even if a prior problem has been fixed, it does not mean that the seller does not have to disclose that information to the buyer. Discovering these disclaimer omissions after the property is purchased can lead to complicated legal battles, lengthy court proceedings, loss of money, and the stress of having to move.

What a Real Property Lawyer can do for you:

Lawyers experienced in real property law will be able to tell if disclosure obligations were met or if a seller omitted something and thus committed fraud. A real property attorney will review your documents, sale contract, and have your property assessed in order to collect evidence of any disclaimer omissions. An attorney will help you with the best possible way to proceed so that your rights are protected and your damages are fully recovered.

If you are a seller who has been wrongly accused of disclaimer omissions by a buyer, a real property lawyer can step in immediately to protect you. Legal assistance could save you from having to pay restitution or losing your license.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you purchased real property and discovered the seller failed to disclose something about the property, contact Attorney Search Network for a lawyer referral. If you are the seller of a property and have been notified of a pending lawsuit regarding disclaimer omissions, contact Attorney Search Network for a Real Property Lawyer referral with disclaimer omissions experience. A Real Property lawyer can provide you with a consultation about your rights and direct you in further steps to take.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.