Construction Law

Construction Legal Issues:

Construction Law:

Construction law applies to owners, architects, contractors, engineers, insurance companies and anyone in the construction industry. They are increasingly faced with multiple sources of liability for work-related events. Construction law requires a number of legal decisions related to construction projects, beginning with funding, land use, planning, to bidding and estimating and contract negotiation.

Construction Law Legal Issues:

Construction law varies from state to state. A community's building inspection department, office of planning/zoning, or permit department will have a listing of the necessary construction law permits, law regulations, and inspections. When a property is acquired and the financing has been established, owners must be aware of local construction laws.

What a Real Property Lawyer can do for you:

Construction lawyers represent individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations in construction transactions, controversies and disputes. Construction lawyers advise commercial and residential real estate developers on projects. Real property lawyers also deal with zoning and land use issues and assist their clients with tax reductions.

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If you have questions or concerns about construction law, Attorney Search Network can refer you to an experienced construction lawyer that can assist you in your real estate projects.

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