Fall Injury Law

Fall Injury Legal Issues:

Fall injuries

Fall injuries are one of the most common types of injury. If you slip and fall on the land of another or the property of another and are injured then that landowner can be held liable for you injuries. A Fall Injury is a common Premises Liability case. Dangerous and peril conditions such as: unmarked wet floors, unsafe handrails, improper lighting, misplaced parking lot bumpers, staircases in disrepair, ripped carpeting, unleveled surfaces either indoors or out, and other hazards can result in a person falling and being injured. If you suffered fell on a person's property due to unsafe conditions such as the ones listed above and suffered injuries, a Personal Injury Attorney may be able to assist you.

What an Injury Attorney can do for you

At most, merely owning land or property does not make a person liable for injuries sustained on the property. In order for the landowner to be liable there must be some form of negligence. If you have a Fall Injury working with an injury attorney is essential because the law is complex in determining the duty of landowners and occupiers or land. An injury attorney can determine if a landowner failed to inspect their property or knew of conditions that were unsafe. The law also categorizes the three different types of people who may be on a property because the degree of responsibility owed by an owner or occupier varies according to the status of the person who is injured. An injury attorney can determine which 1 of 3: Licensee, Invitee or Trespasser category you qualify under.

An attorney can fight for the compensation you deserve. Fall injuries can result in extensive medical expenses or future medical treatment. An injury lawyer can help you recover those expenses, plus loss of past and future wages, pain and suffering and future life care such as physical therapy, home modifications or personal assistance.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.