Invasion of Privacy Law

Invasion of Privacy Issues:

Invasion of Privacy Law:

Invasion of privacy is a violation of one's right of being alone. It deals with the right against search and seizure of one's property and the control of information distributed to the public regarding oneself. There are several ways a person can experience invasion of privacy, such as:

  • False light - when a person is falsely portrayed in the media
  • Disclosure of Private Facts - when embarrassing/private facts about a person become public concern
  • Intrusion - when someone interrupts a person in a place where the intruded person expects to have privacy, i.e. spying on someone at home

Invasion of Privacy Legal Issues:

All states have their own set rules for invasion of privacy. However, it is best to know what constitutes as invasion of privacy. If you have participated in an action that constitutes an invasion of privacy you can liable in both civil and criminal courts. If you are the victim of invasion of privacy you can pursue a civil lawsuit.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

A lawyer has the experience to protect your rights if you claim invasion of privacy. Lawyers know what constitutes invasion of privacy and how to keep your private affairs private. Sometimes invasion of privacy may result in embarrassment and monetary loss. A lawyer can assist you in getting compensated.

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