Defamation Law

Defamation Legal Issues:

Defamation Law:

A false and offensive statement concerning another person is called defamation. Other elements of defamation are publications of the statement to a third party, negligence on the part of the publisher or the defamatory statement, and damage to the plaintiff. In defamation law, the statement does not have to be in print. This is called personal defamation, where charges are recognized to cause damage to the plaintiff.

Defamation includes the following, whether in print or per se:

  • Attacks on personal character or professional character
  • Assumptions that a person has a sexually transmitted disease
  • Assumptions that a person has committed an immoral crime

Defamation Legal Issues:

Defamatory statements, whether published or per se, have negative consequences for a person who is getting defamed. Reputation will be hurt, professionally and personally and since the defamation is made public, it may be hard to overcome it.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

Your name is too valuable to let someone destroy it. Defamatory statements can compromise your name and reputation. A defamation lawyer can help you get justice and overcome humiliation in front of millions. A lawyer can help you figure out if you have a valid defamation claim.

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Find a defamation lawyer in your area by contacting Attorney Search Network today. Our experienced lawyers can help you evaluate your defamation claim and determine if it advisable to pursue your defamation claim.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.