Child Development Injury Law

Child Development Injury Issues:

Child Development Injury Law:

Roughly seven out of every 1,000 babies born in the United States suffers from a birth-related injury, which affects their development and growth. These child development injuries can be severe and permanent, leading to a life long need for medical care. While the goal is to help every parent go through a smooth birth of a healthy baby, unfortunately there are some negligent and/or careless medical professionals that may cause an accident at birth and thus a child development injury.

If a medical professional is not meticulous in the birthing process, there are many injuries that can occur to the baby which would severely affect his or her health and development. Common causes of these accidents and injuries include misuse of medical tools, not performing a C-section when a natural birth may be risky, not correctly monitoring the fetal heartbeat and oxygen level, using force to free a baby that may be stuck, failure to notice a detached placenta, failure to monitor the mother's health and stress level while giving birth, poor communication between participating medical professionals, and other delivery malpractices or negligence.

Child Development Injury Legal Issues:

Labor and delivery-related injuries that affect a child's development may be irreparable. Possible injuries might include: brain damage or cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen, shoulder dystocia and brachial plexus injuries due to force used pulling a baby out of the birth canal, broken bones, spinal damage, etc. The damage done by these child development injuries may not be noticeable until well into the child's years growing up. During the developmental years, a child may show signs of blindness or deafness, muscle damage, problems with coordination, lack of cognitive abilities, speech problems, lack of or problems with motor functions, inability to walk or use limbs properly, etc. Many of these problems will lead to a life long disability for the child, that could have been avoided had the medical professionals been more careful during the birth.

What an Injury Lawyer can do for you:

Child development injuries are extremely serious and deserve the fasted and most thorough attention possible. If you know your child was injured during birth, or you suspect your child was injured during birth due to developmental problems that are now surfacing, contact an attorney immediately. Personal injury lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in child development injury cases and they will thoroughly evaluate your situation. If the injury was sustained because of a doctor or nurse's carelessness or negligence, a skilled injury lawyer will fight hard to prove it and take legal action against the medical professionals or establishment. If your child suffered from a child development injury, he or she deserves the best medical care possible and the finances necessary to cover those costs. A lawyer will help ensure you receive the best treatments and the most compensation possible to help with your child development injury.

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