Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

What is Childhood Sexual Abuse?

Childhood sexual abuse is a criminal act that involves any type of sexual conduct or sex-related conduct with a child or minor. This can occur in the form of rape, molestation, inappropriate touching, prostitution, incest, sexual exploitation, pornography, etc. Anytime an adult or older minor takes advantage of a child by forcing, coercing, persuading, using, or employing the child to take part in any form of sexually related act, it is considered childhood sexual abuse and is punishable by law. Showing a child one's genitals or pornography may also be considered childhood sexual abuse.

Childhood sexual abuse can cause severe long-term trauma in the victims, and is thus a part of personal injury law. Forms of personal injury that may result from childhood sexual abuse include, but are not limited to, physical injuries or illnesses, mental or behavioral disorders, post-traumatic stress, and life-long psychological issues.

Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims Lawyers

Childhood sexual abuse can be a nightmare that affects the entire family. That is why there are strict childhood sexual abuse laws that are a part of the nation's child protection policies to deal with such abuse. A personal injury lawyer that is experienced in childhood sexual abuse law will help you and your family file a lawsuit against your child's abuser. An experienced attorney will work with the legal guardian of the child to gather evidence against the perpetrator, make a case, and file a civil lawsuit. This can help the family recover damages and medical expenses so that the child can quickly get on the road to healing. A childhood sexual abuse lawyer will also help ensure the abuser pays for their crime.

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