Juvenile Felony Law

Juvenile Felony Legal Issues:

Juvenile Felony Law

Whereas a misdemeanor is a less serious offense, a felony is a term used for very serious crimes. A juvenile felony is punishable by a sentence over one year, either by youth authority facilities, treatment programs, detention, home arrest, probation, community service, graffiti cleanup or adult prison. Felonies generally include violent crimes such as murder, robbery, sex offenses, gun charges, drug charges, property destruction, smuggling or money laundering.

Consequences of Juvenile Felony:

In case of serious felonies, the court might decide to try the juvenile as an adult. This decision is ultimately up to the judge and the prosecutor. The severity of the crime, the degree of criminal violence, the history of prior attempts and criminal history of a juvenile are all considered when making this decision. A child charged of a felony offense, especially if tried as an adult, can face serious life changing penalties if convicted. If tried as an adult the felony will be not be sealed with your juvenile record and will be on your record past age 18. Some felony convictions can end up taking away your drivers license, your right to vote, access to student loan, access to many state / federal aid programs and your ability to lose professional licenses.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

A juvenile criminal lawyer can help your child keep his/her future opportunities open. Upon the felony charge, the earlier you act, the better chances your lawyer may have of getting your child's case dismissed or minimized. A knowledgeable juvenile criminal lawyer may help your child avoid the concern of being tried as an adult.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If your child has been charged or convicted with a felony and you need a juvenile criminal lawyer to assist you, contact Attorney Search Network today. Attorney Search Network can refer you to an experienced juvenile criminal lawyer who can help your child avoid serious punishments as a result of a felony.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.