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Trademark Litigation Law

A trademark, or service mark, is any name, word, term, phrase, slogan, graphic, sound, symbol or combination thereof that is used to represent a particular brand of product, service, or a business. These marks are commonly used in all businesses in order to distinguish one competitor from another. A trademark is a form of protection for these marks, so that no one else can use or make money off of the brand or name.

Trademarks are registered with and protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Because trademark laws are complex and used in almost all businesses, trademark litigations may arise. If someone else uses a trademark without authorization or permission, they are subject to trademark litigation. If any of the rights that come with registered trademark protection are infringed upon, then trademark litigation can take place and the owner of the trademark can sue. More trouble may arise of the trademark in question has not been registered with the USPTO. Without federal protection, any trademark litigations could prove to be a challenge, even for the original trademark owner.

Consequences of Trademark Litigation:

Losing a publicly known trademark can be detrimental to a business. Therefore, trademark protection is essential in case any trademark litigations arise. Competitors can fall into trademark litigation if they use another business or brand's trademark or even if they use one that is similar. Trademark litigation can stop another party from infringing upon one's rights, and thus can protect one's business or brand.

What an Intellectual Property Law Lawyer can do for you:

Trademark litigation requires extensive knowledge and understanding of trademark laws. In order to claim infringement, you must also be able to prove that someone else has used, copied or otherwise infringed upon your trademark rights. An intellectual property lawyer understands these laws and their importance for maintaining your business. An experienced attorney can help evaluate your case, explain your rights, and defend you in any trademark litigations. An attorney will fight to ensure your damages are recovered and your trademark rights remain unharmed.

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