Trade Secrets Law

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Trade Secrets Law

Trade secrets are information kept by companies that give them an advantage over other competitors. A trade secret involves information that is used in the operation of a business that gives the business a valuable and economic advantage. An example of a well known trade secret is the Coca-Cola formula. Other trade secrets may include a database listing costumers and advertising strategies.

Consequences of Trade Secrets:

Trade secrets are protected for an unlimited amount of time and do not have formalities such as a copyright or trademark would. Trade secrets tend to escape. Companies must be careful to educate employees and monitor publications and trade show presentations closely. Since patents are not available for trade secrets, companies who keep trade secrets pay a large amount to keep it a secret.

What an Intellectual Property Lawyer can do for you:

An intellectual property lawyer can help with trade secret litigation. A lawyer understands technology and is experienced with large trade secret lawsuits. A trade secret lawyer can help you protect any confidential trade secrets established by your company.

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