Service Mark Violation Law

Service Mark Violation Law Lawyer

Service Mark Violation:

Service mark violations (also known as infringement) may be common in today's competitive marketplace. Service marks are used to identify a particular brand or business, and to distinguish it from competitors. However, some competitors or other businesses may use someone else's service mark in order to confuse consumers. This unlawful use of someone else's service mark is a service mark violation and is punishable by law.

Legal Consequences of a Service Mark Violation:

Service mark violations can harm a business if they lose their publicly recognized service mark or if they lose business to the infringing competitor. If the service mark was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, then the rights to that mark are federally protected. Thus, anyone that commits a service mark violation can be sued and will be forced to stop all use of the service mark immediately. As the legal service mark owner, you may be entitled to receiving compensation for your damages from the violator.

What an Intellectual Property Lawyer can do for you:

Service mark and trademark law can be complicated, making service mark violations difficult to catch or prove. If a service mark is not registered, proving a service mark violation may be even more challenging. Attorneys with experience in service mark law can help you. They can investigate the service mark violation and can build a firm case to prove that the violator infringed upon your rights as an intellectual property owner. An intellectual property attorney may be able to get you compensation and restitution for your losses and will help protect your service mark rights from future service mark violations.

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