Intellectual Property Rights Law

Intellectual Property Rights Law Lawyer

Intellectual Property Rights Law

Intellectual property encompasses all unique ideas, creative works, products or services that are created or invented by human intellect and carry market value. Types of intellectual property may include copyrights, trademarks, patents, service marks and other forms of protection for inventions, designs, literary and artistic works, etc.

Owners of intellection property are given automatic intellectual property rights that state that they are the sole owner of the property or idea and can manage, reproduce or sell it as they wish. They state that the owner or creator has the exclusive rights over all uses of their creation for a certain period of time. These intellectual property rights prevent all others from using, reproducing or selling the protected property without permission from the owner. Intellectual property rights allow the owner to gain financial benefits and recognition for their invention or creation.

Intellectual Property Rights Legal Issues:

Intellectual property rights that come with a patent, copyright, trademark or other form of protection do have certain restrictions and limitations. This is because there must be a balance between the intellectual property rights of the creation/invention owners and the interests of the public. Some of these limitations and exceptions may cause confusion and can eventually lead to infringement and/or disputes over the intellectual property. It is also important to understand that while intellectual property rights begin as soon as the invention or creation has begun, the rights are not entirely enforceable until the intellectual property is officially registered with the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office).

What an Intellectual Property Lawyer can do for you:

Intellectual property attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in all laws governing intellectual property. Whether it be an idea, invention, product, artwork, literary work, trade secret, brand name, or other creation of the mind, it deserves to be protected. Attorneys can help you protect your creation or invention by helping you get the intellectual property rights that are due. They can explain all aspects of your intellectual property rights and help you through any legal issues that might jeopardize or challenge your intellectual property rights.

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