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Patent Search

A patent search is a search of patented inventions that are already in use. A patent search can help determine if an invention has a patent, so that patent infringement can be avoided. A patent search will be able to determine types of situations such as when an invention very similar to a patented invention, but with differences in color and size and even provide graphic information.

Consequences of Patent Searches:

Running a patent search can be useful in eliminating future patent infringement cases. Without a patent search, an inventor could pay lots of money for a patent application and invest in projects and marketing of the product, possibly finding out later that a patent for a similar or identical product exits.

What an Intellectual Property Lawyer can do for you:

A patent search lawyer can assist you in performing a patent search for your invention. An intellectual property lawyer will search rigorously through patent information and records to find out if a patent for that invention exists. If a patent search lawyer finds an existing patent, he/she could advise and guide you through the process. If no patents are found, a lawyer could then inform you on patent applications.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you have an invention you would like to patent, contact a patent search lawyer to help you conduct a patent search. Attorney Search Network can refer you to a patent search lawyer to assist you.

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