Patent Litigation Law

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Patent Litigation Law

Patents are a form of protection for inventors that develop new ideas. A patent gives the inventor full use, control, and rights to their original inventions. An invention must qualify as original and useful in order to be given a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Such inventions may include new machines, processes, compositions of matter, new asexually reproduced plants, or substances. Patents typically have a temporary term but they are used to ensure no one else can steal, reproduce, market, or sell someone else's invention or idea.

Patent litigations commonly arise in today's world of every-growing technology and new businesses. A registered patent gives the owner exclusive rights to their invention, and no one else is allowed to use, reproduce or sell it without permission. If they do, they are subject to federal patent litigation. The owner of the patent can file a lawsuit, ask for compensation, and/or demand an injunction.

Consequences of Patent Litigation:

Patent litigations can be time consuming and costly. The USPTO has many laws and exceptions pertaining to patents, and extensive evidence may be needed in order to win a patent litigation. Infringement on someone else's patented inventions can lead to lengthy lawsuits, ruined reputations, expensive fines and damages owed to the patent owner, etc.

What an Intellectual Property Law Lawyer can do for you:

If your patented invention is being used without your permission, or any of your patent rights are bring infringed upon, contact an intellectual property lawyer for assistance in patent litigations. An experienced attorney will know all of the complex laws pertaining to patents and they will best be able to help you win a patent litigation. You may be able to collect extensive awards and damages from anyone that steals, uses or sells your patented invention(s). Let an attorney help you through the process of a patent litigation to ensure your rights are protected.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you suspect patent infringement and need assistance with patent litigations, Attorney Search Network can help. Attorney Search Network can refer you to a patent litigation lawyer who can defend your rights.

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