Patent Infringement Law

Patent Infringement Law Lawyer

Patent Infringement Law

Patent infringement includes the making, using or sale of a patented invention without authorization of the original patent owner. In order for patent infringement to take place, the infringement needs to match at least one claim which was predetermined in the patent document.

Consequences of patent infringment:

With competitive business marketplaces and the rise of technology, thousands of new products are developed each day, which may be liable for patent infringement. If a patent owner suspects patent infringement, it could be grounds for a court action against the unauthorized user. A patent owner could ask for an injunction or an award for damages. To determine patent infringement, the claims need to be analyzed by studying the patent documents. Also, the claims need to be reviewed in order to determine if they describe the accused infringement.

What an Intellectual Property Lawyer can do for you:

A patent infringement lawyer can work with patent owners to prevent the manufacture of products by competitors. An intellectual propert lawyer can help patent owners preserve original creations and pursue necessary compensation. A patent infringement lawyer can aggressively prosecute patent infringement on your behalf and protect your inventions from future infringement.

Lawyer Referral Service:

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