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Filing for a Patents

A patent is a form of intellectual property that protects one's ideas and new inventions. It prevents others from using, stealing, selling or making money off of another's invention or idea. Filing for a patent is done by registering an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Filing for patent registration can be expensive and complex. A registered patent also usually protects the idea or invention for a set amount of time only.

In addition, the government must deem an invention to be unique and useful in order for a patent to be issued. The three main categories of patents are utility, design and plant. Utility patents are used for new machines, processes, compositions of matter, or an improvement to any of these types of products. A design patent is for the aesthetic ornamental design of the product or article of manufacture. A plant patent is for a new asexually reproduced variety of plant.

Legal Issues when of Filing for a Patent:

Filing for a patent must be done within one year of the conception of a new invention and must be done before making the invention or idea public. Because there are multiple types of patent applications, the process of filing for a patent may be tedious and technical. There must be highly accurate descriptions, drawings and specifications included in the documentation required to file for a patent. The idea or invention must also be proven to be useful, beneficial and original in order to be approved for a patent.

What an Intellectual Property Lawyer can do for you:

An intellectual property lawyer can help you understand the different types of patents and the processes involved with filing for patents. An experienced lawyer will conduct a patent search to first ensure there are no other patented conflictions with your invention. He or she can then help you draft an accurate patent application and will file the patent for you with the USPTO. If there are questions, objections or changes that need to be made to your application, an intellectual property lawyer with patent experience can help make the appropriate changes so that your application gets approved in a timely manner.

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