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Filing for a Copyright Law Lawyer

Filing for a Copyright

A copyright is a form of intellectual property rights that protect ownership and authorship of original works such as music, artwork, books, poems, software, motion pictures, etc. A copyright allows the owner to reproduce, sell, display, distribute and translate their creative/artistic/intellectual work. In order to obtain a copyright, the author or creator of the work need not file or register anything. Copyright protection begins immediately, as soon as the original author creates a work in a fixed tangible form. However, filing for copyright registration with the US Copyright Office provides certain benefits and advantages that may be useful to the author/owner, including making the copyright part of public record.

Filing for a Copyright Legal Issues:

In addition to having a copyright be public record, another main advantage of filing for copyright protection is that it will allow the owner to engage in a lawsuit should someone violate his or her copyright ownership rights. If someone uses a protected work without permission, the owner of the copyright can take infringement action against the violator. In these cases, a proper copyright registration could also allow the owner to collect additional damages and legal fees in court proceedings.

What an Intellectual Property Lawyer can do for you:

Filing for copyright protection can be complex as the application must be filled out with extreme accuracy, and there are filing fees and deposits to be paid. Filing for copyrights may take time, and an error on an application can delay the copyright registration even more. An intellectual property law attorney can help file an accurate application for you. A copyright attorney will assess your work and your particular situation to determine if a paper or online application is best to file your copyright. They will then help you through the entire application and all necessary steps to ensure your copyright registration is filed properly and quickly, giving you the protection and rights you deserve.

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