Computer Law

Computer Law Lawyer

Computer Law:

Computer law includes a wide range of areas such as computer software licensing, development transactions, software license agreements, software law, technology law, internet law and cyberspace law. Under computer law, one will find litigation involving computers, software and licensing agreements, and the representation of technology businesses for computers, software and the internet.

Computer Law Legal Issues:

Computer law can be complex and business owners can face legal issues in the following areas:

  • Online transactions
  • Hardware and software sales and license agreements
  • Creating software and copyrighting
  • Privacy policies
  • Internet advertising
  • URL disputes
  • Terms and conditions of new websites

What a Intellectual Property Lawyer can do for you:

Whether your company is involved in online commerce or is launching its first website web site, a computer lawyer can be helpful. A computer law attorney knows computer law and can be an invaluable resource. An attorney understands, interprets, and applies computer law, software law, internet law, and technology law. A computer law lawyer can advise a well established technology company, entrepreneurs, start up companies and consultants.

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