Wrongful Auto Insurance Denial Law

Wrongful Auto Insurance Denial legal Issues

Wrongful Auto Insurance Denial

A wrongful auto insurance denial occurs when an auto insurance company wrongfully denies a policyholder's claim. Drivers are required to carry auto insurance and pay high premiums in order to protect themselves and their cars should an auto accident occur. They expect their insurance company to be there for them and pay out the benefits entitled to them.

However, many insurance companies act in bad faith and negligence, resulting in a wrongful auto insurance denial. Wrongful auto insurance denials happen because it is far more profitable for an insurance company to collect premiums from policyholders and then deny claims so they do not have to pay out any benefits.

Legal Consequences of Wrongful Auto Insurance Denials:

An insured driver that finds himself or herself in an accident may be extremely surprised when their insurance company denies their claim and refuses to help. Drivers expect to be covered and should not have to deal with a wrongful auto insurance denial in a time of need. Insurance companies are bound by contract to deliver proper coverage and benefits to the policyholder, and thus a wrongful auto insurance denial is a breach of contract and against the law. Wrongful auto insurance denials are a form of fraud and the insurance company should be held fully responsible.

What a Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer can do for you:

If you find yourself in an accident and facing a wrongful auto insurance denial, you have the right to sue your insurance company and fight the denial. An experienced insurance attorney can help explain your rights and see you through this process. Attorneys know that wrongful auto insurance denials are unfair and unjust. They will do whatever is possible to help you take legal action and win your case, resulting in getting the benefits you deserve and are entitled to according to your policy.

Lawyer Referral Service:

Attorney Search Network can help you find an insurance lawyer to ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to in the case of a wrongful auto insurance denial. Contact Attorney Search Network today to get an insurance lawyer to assist you with wrongful auto insurance denials if needed.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.