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Health Insurance Law

Health insurance is a guarantee by an insurance company or health plan provider that by paying a premium, you will be provided pay for health care services. A health insurance policy is a contract issued by an insurance company to an individual which guarantees payment for health care to treat illness or injury.

Consequences of Health Insurance:

Many times, insurance companies or health service plans deny a claim for a benefits or services. When this happens, a health insurance policyholder could be a victim of breach of contract and fraud, breach of good faith and could also suffer emotional distress. It is lawful to take legal action against a health insurance company or health service plan who denies a benefit or service. Victims could be entitled to recover the value of the denied service or benefit, recovery for emotional distress, out of pocket losses, attorney fee obligations and punitive damage for malicious conduct.

What an Insurance Lawyer can do for you:

Legal issues surrounding health insurance fraud could be complex, especially when insurance companies and health service plan providers defend why they denied a claim. A health insurance lawyer can evaluate potential legal claims and assist victims with their claims and bad faith litigation, in order to get them the compensation they need.

Lawyer Referral Service:

If you have a denied health insurance claim, you may be a victim of health insurance fraud. Attorney Search Network can help you find a health insurance lawyer near you who can assist you with your health insurance claim.

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